Sustainability Area

Sustainability at the core of who we are

Through a strong corporate policy and accurate risk analysis, we make it our daily commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our production activities (see the pielleitalia environmental policy document).

We adopt eco-design processes to predispose our products to fall into the production cycle as nutrients of new products; meaning that they become objects that can potentially be recycled or reused, favouring models and processes specific to the circular economy. We do so by putting in practice, where needed, the principle of the 'end of waste'.

We share our ethical and moral values with our suppliers, who are a crucial strategic asset.

This relationship led to the creation of the "pielleitalia supplier code of conduct" that defines our common economic, social, and environmental requirements.

This commitment is gradually being enriched by the principles and the models of the economics of functionality which aims at favouring the usage of products rather than their possession. 

In order to achieve these goals, pielleitalia:

  • adheres to major international organisations (Circular Plastics Alliance, World Alliance for Efficient Solutions) 
  • adopts various operational frameworks (ISO 14001, Emas III, Ecolabel, Oeko-Tex 100, Azo-Free, FSC)

In this way, pielleitalia contributes to the achievement of the Twelfth Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations (responsible consumption and production).