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Unconventional limited editions and bespoke creations

Stjx is the love child of an Italian entrepreneur.
It is an idea fuelled by our heritage of textile tradition and passion for innovation and performance.

Our task is to reinterpret garments and personal items for the contemporary connoisseur – an experiment that blurs the boundaries between craftsmanship and science.

A mission we are destined to make in pursuit of originality.


Shielding products properties

These Stjx products are made with an electrically conductive material with intrinsic antistatic dissipative properties (EN 1149) qualified for use in the aerospace sector due to its electromagnetic shielding qualities (IEEE 299).
The interior’s electrically conductive area where one’s hand touches the material allows the electrostatic current to dissipate, protecting the iPad’s memories and ensuring the Touch Screen system functions at its best.

RFID chip are even more used in credit cards and passports exposing users to risk of value and personal data stolen.
The electromagnetic shielding properties of textile materials used in Stjx wallets, cards holders and passport holders insulate RFID items from external magnetic fields hindering any attempt of data and value stolen.
Conductive and shielding properties are still present and efficient even after thousands of flexions (AFNOR NF G52-020) and are not influenced by environmental conditions.
The inside lining of the wallet and the credit cards holder protects the cards from the risk of demagnetization.

The shielding leather collection - pioneered by Stjx since 2010 -